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Practical help based in North Oxford for the jobs you can't do, don't want to do or don't have time for

I have an eclectic range of skills and qualifications, ranging from an Oxford MA to wielding a screwdriver. You have one or several jobs around the house, garden or office which you never quite get around to doing or perhaps can no longer do.

Painting and decorating

I can paint and decorate your house both inside and out. I am careful and tidy, and aim to leave your house at least as neat as I found it.

Practical things

put up shelves - assemble flat-pack furniture - replace a down-pipe - pressure-wash a drive -  -  - unblock a drain - fix a leaky tap - replace a window or door lock - clear out a gutter - paint a window or a room - fix a broken hinge or catch

Mechanical things

change a wheel, oil something - fix your bike - install a washing machine - sort out an electrical socket

Administrative things

Classify your library - record your LPs onto a digital music format (MP3, FLAC) - sort out your invoices - scan and collate your photographs - make a database list of something - update your address list

Technical things

Set up your wireless network - upgrade your PC - install new software - help with digital music

Repairing things

New cables on appliances, lawn mowers that won't go, amongst many others

Horticultural things

Repair or replace your fence - re-roof a garden shed - mow a lawn

Home computer fixed price backup

I find that most people I talk to have not got their computer data backed up. They then usually admit that the contents of their computer may be worth more than the hardware, taking into account not only documents and email but also photographs and music. These days, you can buy an external disk relatively cheaply, and I can then provide you with a quick and easy routine for saving your data. Try my fixed price backup service for £150 including the supply of a suitable external backup storage device.

Building things

I bought and assembled this log cabin as a garden office/shed. Five years ago, it cost me about £4,500 to buy and install. If you would be interested in something similar, please contact me.

Do you have a small building project that building companies can't be bothered with? Let me give you a quotation. A basic lean-to conservatory might look like this, for example.

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I charge based on time, and materials are not included unless I so specify.

My rate starts at £37 per hour, and goes up to £220 per day. I prefer to work at least half a day at a time until I know you.

We support Wolvercote Farmers' Market Please contact me, Philip Cresswell, on 01865 436022 , or 07846 544181 , or email philip@northoxfordhandyman.co.uk